On tour

You'll find on this page the main tour dates of all circuses that have send their route to us (there's no guarantee that they didn't make errors or won't do last minute changes). If you are a member of a circus, don't hesitate to send us that information in order them to be mentionned on this site.

 Cirque du Soleil (Corteo)

17/06/21 - 28/06/21 Anvers, Belgique (sous réserve)


29/04/21 - 09/05/21 5610 Wohlen - Journées culturelles de Monti


09/04/21 - 25/04/21 REUS


01/04/21 - 25/04/21 Epping Hub (vacant old Bunnings site)

 Exposition sur le cirque

22/05/21 - 23/05/21 BADONVILLER (expo-bourse)