Project of international circus center

Here are our plans of an International Circus center. It would be an extension, a step forward, compared to today's record and documentation center. It's a long time since I have this idea in mind, especially because in Belgium, the circus is not looked upon as worthy as it actually is. As we don't neither have money nor buildings, we need some help from sponsors or from the government in order to concretely set it up. I already contacted several politicians in charge of the culture in Belgium, but still without any result. If I present this project on the Internet, it's in the hope to find interested people who could bring some assistance in order to carry it out.

1°) International record and documentation center
  • Gather as many documents as possible, such as programs, posters, leaflets and others, coming directly from the circuses.
  • Magazines and newspapers articles.
  • Books (in order to create a library).
  • Documents related to exhibitions and events dedicated to the circus.
2°) An international museum of the circus
  • In order to expose the documents listed above, as anything related to circus such as some circus or acts equipment, costumes, models, toys, records, stuff, advertisement material,…
3°) A Belgian committee of circus
  • Gather representatives of the circus world in Belgium (schools, circuses...). This committee should also be in relation with various ministries (like the ministry for the culture or for education).
  • Contribute to the development of the circus in our country by selecting and helping performers of the various schools to take part in international contests and festivals (a little like the Olympic committee), to intervene when there are arguments between circuses (as it was the case with Bouglione in Flanders), and a lot of other things.
4°) A training center (or school)
  • Give training courses to learn the various disciplines of the circus. Either as an amateur (as leisure), or in a professional way.
  • This can help some of the young people to find a job that doesn't require long studies, but more based on talent. Moreover, I think that it can lead the delinquency and racism to decrease, as the circus is international.
  • The most gifted will be able to represent Belgium in the various contests and festivals : a lot of such events already exist, as well for the amateurs as for the professionals.
5°) The aim
  • Give the circus the spot it deserves in the culture field.
  • Create a place to visit for the Belgians as for the tourists (isn't Brussels the capital of Europe ?)
  • Give a new possibility to the young people to find either a leisure or a job. Many things are done for the sport, why not for the circus ?
  • Make the circus better known or able to be rediscovered by all.
  • So many things are done in the circus field in Europe and in the world, why wouldn't Belgium be a part of it ?